Monday, February 2, 2009

The White Tiger

Aravind Adiga tells a compelling story, but what appeals more is the insight he gives into the other India, the one which we see or hear about daily, but care not how it works under the hood. As part of the story, several incidents are narrated which educate the reader of how the feudal system in rural India exploits the poor, which is no different from the way the poor are treated in the cities.

The story takes us through the bustling life in the cities of Delhi and Bangalore, seen through the eyes of a man from the village. Though he has come up in life by not entirely honest means, he describes himself as an entrepreneur, citing that most people in prominent positions do the same to get to the top. It’s the story of a self made businessman who comes up in life from nowhere, all through his deft observations of his environment and acumen.

Balram has a habit of causing himself physical pain for acts committed which he believes should be eliminated - for an uneducated villager, that's remarkable. Shows the desire in him to grow out of his mold - maybe that's where entrepreneurial spirit begins.

It’s an entertaining and informative read.